Enjoy your holiday and learn about the nature around you. A ton of exciting activities are waiting for you and your family. Discover them with personalised guided tours, our wine production system, our olive oil mill and oil production secrets, or maybe even how to produce honey. Are you ready?

From our Vineyard to your Glass

For all the wine lovers, we organise tours of our vineyards. We are happy to show you the wine cultivation techniques and how we manage to obtain such high quality levels of wine. The visit includes a tour of our cellars, Vinsantaia and a wine tasting.
Duration approximately 2 hours


The history of the Olive oil mill

Pucciarella Farm covers about 25 hectares of olive groves. Wide valleys of olive trees that since the Middle Ages have made the landscape of Umbria unique. Discover our cultivation techniques, the milling secrets and enjoy a guided tour inside an old olive oil mill. The visit includes a olive oil tasting.
Duration approximately 2h


Sparkling wines and Vin Santo wine

Pucciarella Farm is the pioneer in Umbria for the production of Traditional Method Spumante and Vin Santo wine. The visit includes a guided tour of the underground cellar, the farming culture museum and the Vinsantaia. Discover our winemaking system and taste our delicious products.


Beehives and Honey

Starting at an interesting pathway through our vineyards, you can experience the honey tasting as well. Discover all the secrets of a beekeeper and his production techniques. Taste a local high quality product and savour delicious flavoured honeys.
Minimum 6 people – Duration approximately 1h


All of our tours can be personalised according to our guests needs. Our staff is happy to help you in creating a personally made program. Guided tours available upon request from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Large outdoor parking lot available.

info and reservations: Pucciarella 075/8409147 - email info@pucciarella.it

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